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At Architects LA, we are proud of being the most affordable and highest-rated ADU Architects Los Angeles has to offer.

We believe all Los Angeles County residents should be able to add an ADU to their property without worrying about the headaches.

Whether you want to generate passive income, or just want the extra space, we want to take all the confusion out of designing your ADU and make it as EASY as possible.

Let our team of professional designers efficiently design your ADU and get your permits approved at the most affordable prices in the county.

What is an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is basically an additional living space on the same property as a single family home.

Generally, there are four types of ADUs that you can build on a property:


Detached ADU (New Construction)

Also known as a backyard cottage or granny flat.

Detached ADUs are built from the ground-up and require new construction.

They are generally located in the backyard and not attached to the main house.

Detached ADUs are ideal for the most privacy, but may involve a longer process for permits and construction.


Garage Conversion

One of the easiest and most affordable types of ADUs to build.

If your garage is being used to store junk, you may consider putting the space to better use.

Home studios and rental units are popular uses of garage conversions. 

This type of ADU will also provide a great amount of privacy, especially if  the garage is separate from the main residence.


Attached ADU

An Attached ADU is built as an attachment to any side of the main residence.

It can also be a second story addition to the house or built on top of a garage that is attached to the residence.

An attached ADU has less privacy than a Detached ADU, but is excellent for adding square footage to your property.


Interior Conversion

Also commonly called basement apartments, mother-in-law units, or junior ADUs.

An interior conversion usually includes converting an existing basement or attic within the main residence into a living space.

Interior conversions allow the least amount of privacy among the different ADU types, but don’t require new construction and are generally easier to acquire a permit for.

Benefits of Building an ADU


Passive Rental Income

Want an easy way to make extra money while doing absolutely nothing?  You can rent out your ADU for a passive source of monthly income.  Or even as a vacation rental on AirBnB.


Increase Your Property Value

Don’t leave cash on the table. Studies show that the average property value increases with the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit. 


Pay Your Mortgage & Live For Free

Want to live for free? Consider renting out your house and living in your ADU.  


Additional Living Space

Is someone from the family moving out? Or maybe someone is moving back in? Either way, having an ADU will provide the space needed to accommodate their needs.


Home Office or Studio

Why pay rent for an office? Turn your ADU into a home office or studio, where you can work from the comfort of your own home. 

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