About Us: Malibu Architecture + Design

Welcome to Malibu Architecture + Design, by Lester Tobias, principal of Tobias Architecture.

This blog is devoted to all topics related to commercial and residential architectural design.

During the past twenty-seven years, Tobias Architecture has developed a reputation for:

Timeless design solutions based on vision, meaning and intellectual rigor.

Applying technical expertise on a project through knowledge of codes, familiarity with materials, integration of systems, accuracy of drawings, and experience in construction.

Maintaining a commitment to seeing every single project through to its completion, no matter how difficult the project or process may become. Over time, we have generated a unique portfolio of project size, type, and stylistic variation. We bring these qualities to each and every commission.

Lester Tobias, Malibu, California ArchitectLester Tobias

Lester Tobias, principal of Tobias Architecture, has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of architecture.

His projects encompass a wide range of project types, sizes, and styles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz, and a Masters of Architecture Degree from the University of California Los Angeles. His undergraduate studies focused on Resource Conserving Architecture and Architectural History.

Prior to opening Tobias Architecture in 1986, Mr. Tobias worked with many of Southern California’s premier architects, including Frank O. Gehry, Charles Moore, Buzz Yudell, and Barton Phelps.

A longtime resident of Malibu, California, Mr. Tobias currently serves on the city’s Environmental Review Board, Architects and Engineers Committee, and Green Building Committee.


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